Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why do Wives Dis their Husbands?

First of all I must say I love the using the word "dis". It is such a silly word that has evolved as a slang term in our english language. This is why I can't learn a different language. Because, I am sure there are words like "dis" that people in the Hispanic, French, German etc. culture use and I will never understand what they are saying. So I will continue to use big gestures with my hands when speaking English in another country and hope for the best.

Okay that was a big side note that turned into a paragraph. My posts on this blog seem to have theme. Whatever comes into my brain must be written down and shared. Why do wives find the need to disrespect their husbands? Here is an example from this weekend:

I was waiting for my husband in the lobby of the local movie theatre when two ladies entered my space. They just came from viewing a movie and were laughing and giggling. Then I overhead what they were saying to each other that made them laugh so loudly.

Woman #1 "That movie was perfect. I love any movie that gives the woman an excuse to kick her husband in the face."

Woman #2 responds "There should be more movies like that."

Why? I do not understand the viewpoint of women who like to hurt, humiliate, or dis their husbands. I would never share with a friend how I would like to kick my husband in the head. First of all, I don't ever want to kick him in the head and second of all, I do not want to disrespect him to a friend.

My husband and I have rules that we live by concerning what we share with others. We respect each other with our words at all time. The three C's (cussing, crying and carrying on) only break down a marriage and leave it for ruins. No marriage is perfect (is there such a thing?) but bad mouthing your spouse will never help, so don't do it.

Just a thought from the eavesdropping lobby lady:)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yoga in the Classroom

Well another great learning day at our local public school (sarcasm intended). My 5th grader came home upset about what they had to do for PE. Apparently a parent was allowed to come to the gym and teach yoga to all the 5th graders. She taught them a few chants and positions to allow their spirits to be connected with each other. Wow, did my hair bristle up and down my neck.

Of course, the principal didn't know that this took place and talked to the PE teacher. The PE teacher of course denied any chanting was taught and said it was just exercise. Passing the blame. The PE teacher is having a hard time finding time to meet with the parents who really had a problem with this guest speaker.

It was really just a lesson for me as a parent. Because there was a child in the class (a Christian girl)who refused to participate and told the teacher "I do not do yoga!" Her parents had explained to her the history of yoga and why it is not okay to use it as an exercise. I had not prepared my daughter in this way and she was confused. She is told to respect authority and to do her best in school. She knows the Truth and we discuss all the "stuff" she learns in school that is not true and is a world view. But I didn't teach her what to do when the authority she is respecting goes against God. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she wasn't sure how to handle it. She didn't want to get in trouble or be disrespectful to the teacher. It was definitely a lesson learned for all of us.

I am still going to hunt down that PE teacher and give her a true lesson on yoga, with love or course. I might just suggest that pilates might have been a better choice.

"..because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world."
1 John 4:4

Praise the Lord!