Friday, July 23, 2010

Help Wanted-Only Men Should Apply

Lately in the news women have been all bent out of shape about comments men make about their gender. For example, Colorado Senate race had a comment made by the male candidate towards the shoes of the female candidate. It was really nothing and actually accurate. He said "Vote for me because I don't wear high heels". Whoopee doo da day is what I say. We do wear high heels (well I don't because I am 6 feet tall) but ladies do, and we wear dresses, and lipstick and we care about how we look in our jeans.

My point is very simple, embrace being a women.

I have a number of very good friends, but I wouldn't call anyone of them to help me on the side of the road when I run out of gas(again). I call their husbands. I usually say "Can you please help me (again), I ran out of gas." They are always so helpful and I call them my "knight with shiney gas can". I never once hear them comment on how I only use them, or how dare I only call them for manual labor, or I am putting them in a gender box, or disrespecting them because I am only using them for manly stuff. Men like being men. As long as I don't make them talk about my new outfit or really make them talk to much about anything, they are always willing to help.

Why can't women do the same? Let's stop being gender-defensive and love being women. God created us and He knew what He was doing. So let's make a plan to never get our gender panties in a bunch and be excited that we never have to wear tighty whities. (Wow where did that last sentence come from?)

Just a thought:)

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Anonymous said...

amen sister. of course we have to allow for our individuality-ness-isms, as that is how God created us. not too girly myself but am reading a book that talks about gender differences and education and it is ringing so true. why does different have to be greater than or less than? who says?