Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Can't Do Anything We Want

Obama, in his message to our public school children, repeated the same ol' American mantra of "We can do anything we want if we work hard and get an education". I am pretty sure those aren't his exact words but close enough. I disagree. I know it is not shocking that I disagree with Obama, but I disagree with the whole premise that all people can do anything if they work hard at it. That is false, and I think the contestants on American Idol can thoroughtly understand my argument.

I can't sing. I am quite sure I am tone death, I mean deaf. Although I murder any note I try to sing. Growing up in the Catholic church, I once had a priest lean over and tell me not to worry about my singing voice because God was tone deaf too.

Now my mom didn't tell me that if I worked really hard at it I could be a superstar singer. She told me big deal, so you won't be a singer, let's focus on the gifts you have and not the ones you don't have. Bless her pea-pickin' heart, she was right.

I can look at many directions I theoretically could have taken in life that would have been a disaster if I tried to apply the work hard and I can do anything method. Horse jocke? I am 5'11" and just a hair over 125 lbs (sarcasm intended). Hairdresser/stylist? I can barely braid my daughter's hair. Gymnist? Pilot? ballerina? No way Hosay.

I wish more parents would tell their kids to reach for the sky but encourage them in a realistic direction.

Just a thought...

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